Townsend Police Department

70 Brookline Road Townsend MA 01469

Emergency Dial 911 - Business 978-597-6214

Integrity - Honor - Duty - Service - for over 100 years


Command Staff


Chief of Police Erving M. Marshall Jr.

Deputy Chief of Police David Profit


Administrative Staff

Donna Souza

Patty Clark

               Patrol Supervisory Staff                                                        Communications Supervisory Staff


                  Sergeant Cheryl Stevenson                                                           Supervisor David Mazza

                  Sergeant Mark Giancotti                                                      Sr. Telecommunicator Diane Babineau

                  Sergeant John Johnson


                  Full Time Patrol Officers                                                      Full Time Communications Staff


                  Officer James Marchand                                                         Telecommunicator Melody Cotter

                  Officer Thaddeus Rochette                                                     Telecommunicator Nim Collins

                  Officer Randy Girard                                                               Telecommunicator Rebbecca Borneman

                  Officer Kimberly Mattson

                  Officer George Reidy

                  Officer Mark Francis

                  Officer David Phillips

                  Officer Cassandra Ela

                  Officer James Landi


                Reserve Officers                                                                    Part Time Communications Staff


            Reserve Officer Tony Brennan                                                     Telecommunicator Mike Grimley

            Reserve Officer Chris Van Voorhis                                               Telecommunicator Donnie Girard

            Reserve Officer  Austin Cote                                                        Telecommunicator  Jean Nichols

            Reserve Officer  Joesph Quinn                                                     Telecommunicator Jeffery Cormier

            Reserve Officer Michael Marchand                                               Telecommunicator Janet O'Laughlin

            Reserve Officer Daniel Schultz                                                      Telecommunicator Catherine Whitney

            Reserve Officer Brent Davis