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    Welcome to the Townsend Police Department website which has recently been redesigned.


     I have been honored to serve the Town of Townsend as a 36 year veteran of the Townsend Police Department and your Chief of Police for the last eleven years alongside of the dedicated men and women of the Townsend Police Department who genuinely believe that in order to create and maintain a safe community, we must develop an interdependent relationship with those we serve.  Doing so ensures that we can deliver exceptional service to our residents, businesses, and visitors alike.


    As a Department, we recognize the responsibilities and obligations that come with the job that we are here to deliver and will honor the public trust that has been bestowed upon us.  Our goal is to deliver service to everyone we encounter in a fair, equitable, humane, and compassionate manner regardless of their station in life. Our mission is to deliver the best police services to the residents and visitors of the Town of Townsend as possible and to make residents feel secure in their homes and surroundings.


    As Chief of Police, I am committed to creating innovative approaches to delivering the best police service as possible with efficiency, effectiveness, and with financial constraints in mind.  We will utilize social media, among other means, to stay connected to those we serve.  Opportunities to gain efficiencies and improve service through shared services will continue to be utilized with our regional law enforcement partners.

    Thank you for visiting the Townsend Police Department's web site.  I hope that you find the information contained here informative and useful.  Please take our on-line survey to let us know how we are doing and offer any suggestions or concerns that you might have in order for us to better serve you.


    Erving M. Marshall, Jr.

    Chief of Police







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